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What Is a Marketing Funnel? How They Work in 2023

[WRITTEN BY KAYLA HALL] In today’s fast-paced world, adaptable marketing strategies can lead to fulfillment of ever-expanding sales opportunities. Using data analytics of customer behavior and feedback, you can implement, execute, and modify plans for optimized results. Integral to this effort is a well-developed, closely managed marketing funnel that drives sales and delivers a high return on investment (ROI). The marketing funnel—which identifies various stages in converting potential customers into buyers—is a powerful, customer-focused tool. It has evolved over time, but the core elements remain the same. Our marketing funnel guide defines the funnel and explains what marketing initiatives best align with each phase.
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Best Colleges in Oklahoma (2023 Rankings)

[WRITTEN BY KAYLA HALL] Welcome to the definitive guide to the top-notch educational institutions in the state of Oklahoma (in no particular order). In this comprehensive list, you'll discover a range of options, from prestigious doctoral programs to robust undergraduate programs. Financial aid opportunities, including scholarships and grants, make these Oklahoma colleges attainable for aspiring scholars. With varying acceptance rates and degree programs, these colleges embrace learners with diverse aspirations. So, whether you're an Oklahoman community college student seeking higher education within your home state or an out-of-state student drawn to Oklahoma's rich four-year academic landscape, this list will guide you toward your educational goals.

Best Colleges in Mississippi (2023 Rankings)

[WRITTEN BY KAYLA HALL] If you're on the hunt for the perfect college in the state of Mississippi, you've come to the right place. Whether you're transferring from a community college, aiming for an Ivy League-level education, or seeking the best athletic programs, we've got the rundown on the hottest academic spots in the Magnolia State (in no particular order). No matter if you're an in-state resident or considering crossing state lines for a world-class American education, you've found the scoop on everything from enrollment numbers to available degree programs. Worried about financials? Fret not! We'll dive into financial aid options as well as honors colleges and minors that could pique your interest. So, whether you're dreaming of a bachelor's degree in the arts or sciences, a strong athletics program, a private institution with strong Christian values, or a broad spectrum of academic programs, these Mississippi gems have you covered.

Best Colleges in Virginia (2023 Rankings)

[WRITTEN BY KAYLA HALL] If you're on the hunt for the cream of the crop when it comes to higher education in the beautiful state of Virginia, you're in luck. We've rounded up the top learning institutions that are not only about academics but also offer an unforgettable college experience, whether you're transferring from a community college or going for the full four-year experience. Curious about our methodology for crafting this list of top colleges in Virginia? Our analysis considered data such as enrollment rates, graduation rates, and national rankings among other key factors. So, drumroll, please! In no particular order, here are the best colleges in Virginia for 2023 that you won't want to miss.

Best Colleges in Colorado (2023 Rankings)

[WRTTEN BY KAYLA HALL] As the academic landscape evolves, the pursuit of knowledge continues to thrive in the picturesque expanse of Colorado. The year 2023 unveils a fresh array of excellence in education across the state. Here, we present the crème de la crème of Colorado's educational institutions, each bearing unique strengths, programs, and opportunities that shape the next generation of thinkers, leaders, and creators. In no particular order, discover the best colleges that Colorado has to offer in this year's rankings!

What Is a Good SAT Score?

[WRITTEN BY KAYLA HALL] Ah, the million-dollar question, "What is a good SAT score?" It's a question that has occupied high school students across the country as they grapple with the pressures of the standardized test. Let's cut straight to the chase: If you've scored above the average SAT score of around 1050, you're already in the club of "good." Scoring the highest score possible should be your aim, but the journey is just as important. So, the first time you take the SAT, give it your best. And remember, if you don't hit your target score, you can always retake the test. Now, take a deep breath and remember: Your SAT score is just a number, and it's not the sole deciding factor for your admission. We'll help you understand the importance of SAT scores and discuss how to interpret your SAT composite score.

What Is a Good MCAT Score?

[WRITTEN BY KAYLA HALL] Have you been burning the midnight oil while studying for the MCAT and now find yourself wondering, "What score should I aim for?" Generally, a score of 511 or higher, with each section score not dipping below 127, is considered good. The MCAT isn't about passing or failing - it's about setting and surpassing benchmarks. Why is this important? The Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) is your gateway to the revered hallways of a top medical school. The MCAT exam is a standardized test that's an integral part of the admissions process to MD programs in medical schools across the U.S. and Canada. It's your golden ticket to your dream school and career, and how well you perform can significantly impact your medical school admissions. This article discusses MCAT score ranges, the significance of the percentile you score in, and how a good MCAT score can fast-track your admission to medical school.

What Is a Good GRE Score?

[WRITTEN BY KAYLA HALL] When it comes to the Graduate Record Examination (GRE), what constitutes a good score can be a bit of a moving target. It's not just about the numbers - it's about where you're aiming to go. A good GRE score is one that gets you into your dream grad school! The GRE General Test is a standardized test administered by the Educational Testing Service (ETS), and it's used by many graduate programs as a part of their admissions process. This article can help you understand GRE scores, including the scoring range for different sections, score percentiles, how GRE scores impact grad school admissions, and how College Rover can help you navigate your journey to grad school.

When Do ACT Scores Come Out? Full Schedule (2023-2024)

[WRITTEN BY KAYLA HALL] Hey there, test takers! If you've recently taken the ACT test, you're probably wondering, "When do ACT scores come out?" Well, ACT scores typically make their grand appearance 10 to 24 days after your test date. But there's more to it than just waiting for the scores to drop. This article will guide you through the ACT score release dates, how to access your results, and what to do once you get your hands on those precious numbers.

What Is a Good ACT Score?

[WRITTEN BY KAYLA HALL] Are you scratching your head over the ACT, better known as the American College Testing exam? Perhaps you're wondering what the magic number is - that coveted "good" ACT score. The answer is pretty simple and also complex. A good ACT score is one that sails over the hurdle of admission standards set by your target colleges. While 36 is a perfect score, the average ACT score for high school students in the class of 2020 was 20.6 out of 36 according to the ACT organization. However, wait to celebrate if you've hit this average score. The waters get a bit choppy when you're looking to enter selective schools that anticipate much higher scores from their applicants. In this article, we'll explain the elements of the ACT test, including its layout, content, and scoring mechanism, which play a pivotal role in the college admissions process.

What is the Cheapest Way to Buy Electricity in Texas?

[WRITTEN BY KAYLA HALL] When it comes to managing our monthly expenses, few things are as influential as our electricity bills. The choice of a residential electricity plan can make a substantial difference in how much we pay each month. With various options offered by different energy providers and Texas electricity companies, finding the most budget-friendly approach might seem like a complex task. But fear not because we’ll dive into electricity rates and explore the most cost-effective strategies for powering your home. Electricity rates are at the heart of deciphering the costs of your electricity bill. These rates determine how much you’ll be charged for each kilowatt-hour of energy you use. The Texan energy market offers a diverse array of rate options, including fixed-rate plans, variable-rate plans, and even prepaid options. The influence of renewable energy sources on electricity prices cannot be ignored, either. As solar power and other green energy plans gain traction, they contribute to stabilizing or even lowering electricity rates. Join us as we navigate electricity options so you have the knowledge to make financially wise and eco-friendly choices for your energy needs.

What is a resort fee & are they worth it?

[WRITTEN BY KAYLA HALL] Welcome to the fascinating world of hotel resort fees! These additional resort charges have become a hot topic in the travel industry, igniting passionate debates among travelers and hotel owners. In this comprehensive article, we will delve into the concept of resort fees, addressing their prevalence, controversy and the crucial question of whether they truly offer value for your hard-earned money. Whether you’re planning a glamorous getaway to Las Vegas, a relaxing stay in Hawaii or an adventurous exploration of New York City, understanding resort fees is essential to making informed decisions that will enhance your overall hotel experience.

What is resort casual? Everything you need to know

[WRITTEN BY KAYLA HALL] Have you ever found yourself packing for a getaway, maybe a cruise vacation or a country club event, and stumbled upon the term “resort casual” in the dress code? You’re not alone. Resort casual attire, a trend in the fashion world, has many resort guests scratching their heads. So, we’re here to untangle this chic yet laid-back dress code. Resort casual or resort wear, a dress code that is used across the globe, is essentially an intersection of style and comfort — a balance we‘re expected to strive for on a resort-casual vacation. Country clubs, upscale resorts and cruise ships often adopt this dress code to make sure guests are both comfortable and stylishly dressed. However, the definition of resort casual varies among different establishments — the more upscale the establishment, the more formal the dress code usually leans. This article deconstructs the resort casual dress code and helps you navigate your outfit choices with confidence. Resort casual is all about dressing appropriately for a relaxed yet chic environment, often influenced by the tropical aesthetic of vacation destinations. Our comprehensive guide goes into the ins and outs of resort casual, from its history and evolution to fashion tips from the pros. Let’s get started on this style journey and discover what resort casual really means.

13 most romantic hotels in San Diego

[WRITTEN BY KAYLA HALL] San Diego, a jewel of Southern California, has long been revered as a premier destination for lovers seeking a romantic getaway. It’s an intoxicating blend of stunning beaches, breathtaking sunsets over the Pacific Ocean, delicious dining options, vibrant nightlife and cultural landmarks, like Balboa Park and the world-famous San Diego Zoo. The city’s allure is only heightened by its array of romantic hotels, designed to deliver unforgettable moments for couples. Choosing the right San Diego hotel can elevate your experience from a mere trip to a love-infused adventure. Whether you’re planning a proposal, celebrating an anniversary or simply enjoying some well-deserved couple time, the right hotel sets the stage for romance. We reveal the 13 most romantic hotels in San Diego.

6 Best USMLE Prep Courses & Classes (2023)

[WRITTEN BY KAYLA HALL] So, you've made it through the rigorous demands of med school and have set your sights on the ultimate rite of passage for every aspiring medical practitioner: the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE). Welcome to the frontlines, the USMLE battlefield, where the challenges are tough but the rewards are monumental. The USMLE is a comprehensive assessment of your medical knowledge, clinical skills, and, ultimately, your readiness to apply these tools in the field. It's the hinge on which the door to your future swings open. A high score doesn't just validate your years of hard work and sleepless nights - it's your ticket to top-tier residency programs, specialized medical careers, and the respect of your peers. But let's face it: Preparing for the USMLE is no easy feat. It demands dedication, perseverance, and, above all, the right resources. That's why selecting a top-notch USMLE prep course is key. The right course can mean the difference between a decent score and an outstanding one. Whether you're an International Medical Graduate (IMG) navigating the intricacies of a new system, a second-year student feeling the creeping dread of the USMLE Step 1, or an ambitious young professional juggling the complexities of clinical rotations with USMLE Step 2 CK prep, we've got your back. Think of us as your trusty field guide, leading you through the intimidating terrain of medical examinations. In this article, we'll guide you through the best USMLE prep courses and classes available in 2023. We'll review the pros and cons, give you the lowdown on what to expect, and provide insights on choosing the course that best aligns with your learning style, budget, and time constraints.

Is Major Pharmaceuticals a Good Career Path? 10 Top Jobs

[WRITTEN BY KAYLA HALL] Are you standing at the precipice of your professional future, searching for a career path that's both a job and a lifelong adventure? You might even ask yourself: Is major pharmaceuticals a good career path? The answer is a resounding yes! The pharmaceutical industry, lovingly dubbed “pharma,” isn't just a field — it's a horizon of opportunities. With roots embedded in health care, biotechnology, and medical science, the pharmaceutical sector is a testament to human resilience and ingenuity. Think of the joy and relief when a new vaccine is developed, or the excitement that comes with the creation of new medicines and therapies. Behind each of these milestones are countless dedicated individuals: researchers, scientists, sales representatives, and many others working diligently within major pharmaceutical companies. But beyond the nobility and gratification of working toward the betterment of global health, the pharma industry is also, quite simply, an excellent career choice. With a vast array of job opportunities, a robust job outlook bolstered by continual advances in pharmaceutical research, and some of the highest-paying jobs in the market, it's a field where ambition meets reward. Moreover, it's an industry that values knowledge and expertise, making it an ideal choice for those willing to dive into the depths of learning. This article will serve as your trusted companion on your journey into the future of your professional life. From the roles in drug development and clinical research to the intricacies of regulatory affairs and quality control, we cover it all. Furthermore, we'll offer insider tips on leveraging platforms like LinkedIn, how internships can give you a leg up, and how connecting with the right recruiter can transform your job search journey. You'll learn about everything from the role of a pharmaceutical sales representative in introducing new drugs to providers, to the critical part played by a clinical research associate in managing clinical trials. If you're ready to explore this exciting world of major pharmaceuticals, uncover the potential it holds for you, and take a bold step into your future, let's get started!

Best Majors for Undecided Students & Why

[WRITTEN BY KAYLA HALL] If you're fresh out of high school, standing on the threshold of college life, your heart might be pounding with both excitement and a dash of anxiety. You're at a crossroads, staring down the twisting path of your future career. A million signboards with different majors shine brightly on the academic horizon, each promising a unique journey. Welcome, my friend, to the land of undecided students! You're far from alone in this vast landscape. Across the globe, millions of students just like you wander in search of their perfect college major, a compass that can guide them through the labyrinth of career paths. The conundrum of an undecided major isn't an isolated phenomenon but rather a rite of passage for many college students. The crux, however, is this paradoxical reality: There's no such thing as a universally perfect choice, only choices that are perfect for individual students. We have unique talents, interests, and aspirations, and one-size-fits-all advice often falls flat. What's the solution? That’s what we’re here to help you find. This comprehensive guide explores some of the best college majors for undecided students in today's dynamic academic and professional world. So, whether you're a mathematics enthusiast who can solve equations as effortlessly as breathing or an English devotee who finds solace in the rhythmic cadence of prose and poetry, this guide has you covered. We're about to embark on a voyage across the seas of various majors, delving into their depths. Hopefully, you'll find that perfect fit for your college career!

Car rental companies that take debit cards for payment

[WRITTEN BY KAYLA HALL] It’s possible to rent a car with a debit card, but some fine print is involved (no credit score or credit charge card needed, though). The good news? Almost all car rental agencies accept debit cards for payment upon vehicle return. The bad news? Not all companies accept debit cards as a means of guaranteeing the rental. In other words, you may need a credit card to drive the car off the lot. Rental companies may also have additional requirements, such as a minimum years of age, rental car insurance, a security deposit and more. This guide will outline the policies of major rental car companies in the United States. We’ll explain the rules as they pertain to debit card car rentals and explain any additional details that may help you on your way. If you’re heading out of town for a business trip, vacationing with friends or family or just need a rental to get from the airport to your destination, we have everything you need to make the right choice.

San Francisco's best rooftop bars: Where to sip with a view

[WRITTEN BY KAYLA HALL] You’re perched on a rooftop, drink in hand, surrounded by stunning views of the San Francisco, California cityscape. The sun is setting, casting a warm glow over the bay area, as you enjoy the vibrant atmosphere and refreshing breeze. If this sounds like your ideal way to unwind, then you’re in luck. San Francisco boasts an array of rooftop bars that offer not only delicious cocktails but also fantastic brunches and breathtaking panoramas. So, let’s dive into the best rooftop bars in San Francisco and discover where you can sip with a view, whether it’s a weekday afternoon or Saturday night out on the town. San Francisco, with its picturesque streets, iconic landmarks, and vibrant culture, is renowned for its diverse culinary scene and innovative cocktail bars. Among the numerous dining and drinking options, rooftop bars have gained immense popularity. With their elevated vantage points, they provide visitors with a unique perspective of the city, combining delicious drinks with awe-inspiring views. In this article, we’ll explore the nine best rooftop bars in San Francisco. From Union Square to the Mission District, these establishments will take your rooftop bar experience to new heights. Join us to discover hidden gems and beloved establishments such as Cityscape, Charmaine’s Rooftop Bar & Lounge, Rise Over Run Bar and Restaurant, Dirty Habit, 620 Jones, Kaiyo Rooftop, and The Rooftop at VIA. Each of these nine rooftop bars has its own distinct charm and features, ensuring an unforgettable experience.

Complete guide to renting a car for a road trip

[WRITTEN BY KAYLA HALL] Imagine you’re planning an epic road trip — maybe from New York to Yellowstone National Park — and are eagerly anticipating days of freedom on the open road, nights under the star-filled sky and the opportunity to create unforgettable memories with friends or family. You need a trusty vehicle for such a long-distance adventure — one that won’t give up halfway through your journey. Sure, you could take your own car, but what if there was a more convenient alternative? Renting a car for a road trip can offer you flexibility, comfort and peace of mind — not to mention potentially saving your own vehicle from the wear and tear of a long journey. In this article, we’ll guide you through the ins and outs of car rentals for your next road trip. From the various reasons to rent a car down to our FAQ, we’ve got your next long and relaxing drive covered. Safe travels!
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