HiLink Facebook Post - ChatGPT

[WRITTEN BY KAYLA HALL] We’re excited to share our latest blog on the impact of ChatGPT on education in 2023! 💡 With the growing demand for AI-driven technologies in education, ChatGPT is poised to revolutionize how we approach teaching and learning. However, there are also important considerations, such as factual inaccuracies and the potential for AI systems to reinforce biases. Read our comprehensive analysis to learn more about the potential benefits and challenges of ChatGPT in education! Read more: ​​https://www.hilink.co/post/the-impact-of-chatgpt-on-education-in-2023 #ChatGPT #Education2023 #AIinEducation #OpenAI

HiLink Facebook Post - Social-emotional Learning

[WRITTEN BY KAYLA HALL] Do you teach virtual classes? We noticed that a lot of K-12 teachers need practical ways to teach social-emotional learning in a virtual classroom, but too much of the advice out there is, well…ridiculously complex. 🤯 So we wrote a simplified online SEL guide for real K-12 teachers. This quick start article outlines easy ways you can support your K-12 students’ mental health with basic virtual SEL activities sprinkled into your existing curriculum. No major changes are necessary. Teach the way you teach, and do SEL too. Read more: https://www.hilink.co/post/easy-ways-to-teach-social-emotional-learning-in-a-virtual-classroom #SEL #virtualclassroom #K12 #education

“Normal for His Culture”: Appalachia and the Rhetorical Moralization of Class

[EDITED BY KAYLA HALL] This essay explores how class distinctions can rhetorically shift from issues of income to social stratification in the United States. This process depends upon and affects particular regions and populations. Focusing here on Appalachia, I attend to the 1967 murder of Hugh O’Connor in rural Kentucky and media accounts in the murder’s aftermath as a nodal point in this continued stratification process.

All-Pro Demo Facebook Post - 5-Star Review

Thanks to Donna for giving us 5 STARS on our most recent demo job! "All-Pro Demolition deserves 10 stars!!! Because of my situation I worked Brian and Gregory entirely by phone and email. My demo project was messy and difficult. Brian and Gregory were prepared for all the issues that came up and resolved them quickly. They kept me in the loop every step of the way with emails, phone calls and pictures. I have peace of mind knowing the demo job was done correctly and honestly. I highly recommend All-Pro Demolition. They are fair and honest with a job well done."

Bob's Dealer News - Volume 5, Issue 13

[WRITTEN BY KAYLA HALL] Hey There! I am proud to announce the launch of our new website! HomeControls.com is now mobile-friendly, so you can easily shop on your smartphone, tablet, or desktop PC. The site also has new shopping features that make it easier than ever to find the right product and place orders. In other news... Legrand has released a new URC pre-written control driver for the Nuvo Player Portfolio of audio systems. The driver enables control of Nuvo Players through URC automation systems. Installers should download and install the new driver for URC system setups. Also, PCS has released a new version of UPStart software for programming UPB devices. The new Version 8.57 provides updated icons for certain PulseWorx devices to reflect their current states. You can download the new version from the PCS website after logging in.

The Gulabi Gang, Violence, and the Articulation of Counterpublicity

[EDITED BY KAYLA HALL] This essay analyzes the resistive tactics of the Gulabi Gang in rural India between approximately 2006 and 2013, asserting the Gulabi Gang as a counterpublic that used violence to negotiate and achieve its counterpublicity. The Gulabi Gang represents a nodal point in a rich and complex history of resistance against gender- and caste-related violence in India. Through this analysis, I contend the group implicitly challenges the prearranged distinction between violence and legitimacy, which undergirds popular discourses, orientalist stereotypes, and much of rhetorical theory.

Denny's News Alert - June 2014

[WRITTEN BY KAYLA HALL] Denny’s, one of America's largest franchised full-service restaurant chains, is thrilled to announce that our franchise partner Marpor Corporation celebrated its 25th anniversary in Puerto Rico. Together with Denny's, the Marpor Corporation was the first to debut the 24-hour dining concept in Puerto Rico. Today, this valued partner operates 12 Denny's restaurant locations on the island and will open its newest restaurant in Aguadilla next year.

CKE International Franchise Development Newsletter - April 2014

[WRITTEN BY KAYLA HALL] CKE Restaurants continues to make substantive strides across the international fast food market. Expanding above the equator in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, Carl's Jr. has entered into an exclusive development agreement with the Corporacion Hondurena de Desarrollos Alimenticios (COHDESA), a cutting-edge commercial real estate developer who will introduce our brand to the people of Honduras. COHDESA plans to open their first Carl's Jr. restaurant by October 2014 and plans to develop 10 restaurants over five years. We’re thrilled to have COHDESA as part of the international CKE family.

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