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Kayla Hall

Hi! My name is Kayla Hall, and I'm a passionate web writer and content creator. I've always loved writing, and I enjoy working on various projects that challenge my creativity and expertise.

My writing background

Growing up in Southern California, I knew early on that I wanted to pursue a career in writing. So after earning my degree in Journalism, I began my career as a marketing copywriter for a home electronics distributor. While there, I honed my skills and also developed a freelance career on the side, creating engaging and informative content for my clients.

Since then, I've built a large portfolio of content that showcases my writing talents. I take great pride in my work, and I'm known for my meticulous attention to detail. My approach to content creation is both creative and analytical, ensuring that each piece is not only informative but also well-crafted.

My experience in the writing industry is broad and diverse. I've worked on various projects, from email marketing and social media copywriting to SEO blogging and website content creation. My expertise in SEO ensures that my pieces rank well in search engine results, giving my clients maximum visibility for their web projects.

Whether I'm working on agency projects or collaborating directly with clients, I have a knack for understanding their unique needs and delivering quality work that meets deadlines and exceeds expectations.

In short, I am a highly skilled freelance writer who consistently produces exceptional work. My clients can trust that their projects are in good hands with me. So if you're looking for a talented and reliable writer to bring your content to life, I'm your girl!

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How to Make Money During a Recession with Raw Land

[WRITTEN BY KAYLA HALL] The real estate market in 2023 is becoming increasingly uncertain, with some people fearing a recession in the U.S. housing sector. But, believe it or not, there are ways to recession-proof your cash flow and financial stability. Although many industries inevitably decline in a recession, there are opportunities that can survive a recession and still make you reliable money. That’s what I’m talking about in this article. Knowing how to make money during a recession using a proven model investing in a real estate market that transcends interest rates, stock market falls, and other factors that play into economic downturns. And that model is with VestRight, where we show you how to find raw land with development potential. Raw land is becoming increasingly popular in this regard, and with our model, we offer an opportunity to withstand a recession when you do it right. By investing in raw land, you can take advantage of the current market state and benefit from potential market volatility. So I’m going to explore how to make money during a recession, particularly by using VestRight’s model in the development space, plus tips on how to capitalize on raw land. So if you're concerned about how your day job might fade in a recession, keep reading.
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